Unlike other organizations, Nuvision expects its clients’ leadership team to acquire the skills needed to drive a HPO towards long-term sustainability after our practice experts complete their assignment.

The Nuvision Learning Institute (NLI) facilitates the transfer of knowledge from our practice experts to the client’s leadership team.

NLI conducts the following regularly-scheduled programs, led by its own instructors or in partnership with other learning institutes:

  • Assessing Your Organization for High Performance
  • Designing Your Organization for High Performance
  • Creating a High Performance Strategy
  • Developing High Performance Leaders
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Leadership Essentials for Organizational Effectiveness
  • Leader as Coach
  • Finance for Non-Financial Leaders
  • Enterprise Risk Management Practices
  • Effective Corporate Governance
  • Performance Management Using the Balanced Scorecard
  • The Essentials of Human Resource Management and Development

Each of these programs can be presented and applied to your specific organization. Or, your leadership team may join a larger audience where social networking and experiential learning is incorporated into the overall experience.

Nuvision’s Philosophy:

The only sustainable competitive advantage is a company’s people, and those people must be talented with disciplined thoughts and behaviours.

The HPO Leadership Commitment

Leaders of a HPO must be committed to the organization for the long-term by balancing organizational purpose with self-interest, and developing a culture that puts the needs of the enterprise first. They develop talent from within the organization by encouraging all employees to become partners of the business and effective leaders, promoting from within wherever possible.

A HPO creates a highly engaged workplace by giving people a sense of safety (for example, physical, mental and emotional confidence), job security, and career opportunities by aligning individual goals with corporate goals.

A HPO continuously works on the development of its people by training staff to be resilient and flexible, adaptable, encouraging them to improve their skills so they can accomplish extraordinary results, and holding them responsible for their performance.

From a continuous learning standpoint, this is Nuvision’s approach to Strategic Thinking… Applied.