Purpose Driven Performance is as much about the individual as it is about the entire organization. To help individuals find their purpose — leading to greater personal performance and satisfaction — Nuvision offers the coaching and mentoring program: MyLifePassport.

MyLifePassport involves individual and group sessions where each participant develops a personalized framework that becomes their passport for travelling life’s journey.

The Approach

A workshop called SELF MASTERY guides participants through a process of discovery and learning about themselves, and their colleagues as it relates to organizational and societal demands.

Developing a Shared Vision

Participants develop a personal vision and share what their vision statement means to them individually and/or as part of a team. They carefully examine the critical success factors for achieving their vision.

Critical Success Factors

Participants must identify what they need to succeed in life. Certain critical success factors are explored, such as:

  • Shared Vision
  • Skills/Giftings
  • Core Values
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Trust Factors
  • Personality Traits
  • Harnessing Harmful Behaviours
  • Critical Disciplines
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Interests
  • Goals/Objectives
  • Social Networks
  • Personal Relationships


Each participant may contract with a qualified coach/mentor for continued support and development.


Participants become part of the MyLifePassport community at, where there is opportunity to network, and access resources and receive a bi-weekly MyLifePassport e-letter.